Fallout (1997)


Most people these days think of rabid fans when they talk about the first Fallout. Count me in among them. No because I’m very rabid, but because the game really is one of my absolute favorite cRPGs of all time, equal to Planescape Torment and the good Ultima’s and Wizardry’s. I still remember how I got the game. My father brought it home right before I had the final school exams. I had to decide whether to play the game exhaustively for a whole weekend or learn. You probably guess where I’m going. Thankfully I didn’t do too bad in the exams, but at that time I really didn’t care.

Fallout dominated my mind. It had an incredibly dense and captivating atmosphere with a setting that felt very fresh compared to the mass of fantasy cRPGs. The interface was perfect, the skills system was perfect, the battle system was great (flawed in a tactical sense, but still fun as a source of delivering a riveting combat experience), the dialogue system was good (a perfect example for that was in Wizardry 8). All that still holds true. It’s one of the few games I can replay and replay without ever getting tired of it.

I admit there’s a certain amount of nostalgia involved, but I know other older games that I loved years back but couldn’t go back into because of the dated interface. Not so with Fallout. In many ways it really is a perfect example of how a cRPG should be like. Some small areas could have been improved, sure, but overall it comes as close to perfection as is possible.