Demon’s Winter (1988)

DemonsWinterCover demonswinter

Another old cRPG that I actually finished. The character creation in that one was fun, with many available options. Varied races and classes, many different skills, some even not battle-related, which wasn’t very common then. The battle system was of the more tactical type, round based and with many options. The game allowed various ways of interacting with the surroundings in an adventure kind of way.

Nothing too complex, but enough to have some decent puzzles. The world was big and exploring was fun, since you could stumble upon many different kinds of useful thing. The plot was less interesting, but it had different endings, which was a novel thing for me then. I remember the early parts of the game much better than the rest, as if they tried to stuff as many fascinating encounters into the first half and then lost steam when it came to finish it off. The second half was more quantity than quality, more room to explore but not enough interesting places to go. But overall I had a very good time with this one.