Sherlock Hound (1984-1985)

An anime series that mixes Sherlock Holmes with steampunk and anthropomorphic animals (dogs to be precise). Its biggest claim to fame is that six of the 26 episodes were directed by Hayao Miyazaki, but overall the series is pretty unspectacular. Disappointingly the villain of each episode is Professor Moriarty, apart from the first one where Sherlock Hound and John Watson meet for the first time. The series in general is less serious; despite being more an adventure and action driven series than a pure comedy. People never get hurt, even if they fall from a height and there are other sense and physics defying moments.

Sherlock Hound and Professor Moriarty are both disappointing as characters. Moriarty is depicted as short-tempered and only smart when devising new machinery. His plans are elaborate and overly complex, but never give the impression of being smart or useful (from an economic point of view his machinery seems more costly than anything his crime could bring in). Also I prefer Moriarty as a cool logician without morals, a dark counterpart of Sherlock Holmes, not as a loud buffoon. The Holmes character is equally disappointing, since he always seemingly intuitively guesses how a crime is perpetrated. The skill of Conan Doyle was to make the reader believe that Holmes was actually quite brilliant, not by intuitively arriving at the solution of a crime, but by showing a far fetched chain of reasoning that still managed to be believable.