Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)

Soon after I started watching Hellseeker, the sixth Hellraiser movie, I got the bad feeling that someone was trying to do something similar to the previous movie. We see the return of Kirsty Cotton, the main character from the first two movies, who has been killed in a car accident. Her husband, the focus of the movie, has been in the same car and he’s trying to find her missing body and making sense of what happened. Soon we realize things aren’t as they seem.

Clever people will realize that the whole movie ends with just another revelation that is somehow similar to, but not exactly the same as “It was all a dream”. Worst kind of ending you can do. Pinhead and his Cenobites still play only minor roles and it’s less about the gore than about someone trying something more subtle. But subtle and Hellraiser isn’t a good match and not much fun to watch.