Contra: Hard Corps (1994)


I never played this one before, which was obviously a big oversight on my part. I’m not sure whether it’s better than the SNES Contra, but at least it’s equally good. Typically for a Contra game, it’s extremely hard to beat. Unlike other games in the series there are divergent paths you can chose, resulting in 5 endings one can find.

The game has boss battles galore, most of them extremely ingeniously designed that really stretch what you can do in 2d to the limits. Due to the higher level count compared to other Contra games it also feels like it’s the biggest of all Contras from the 8 to 16bit era. Overall, if you like the Contra series and never played the Genesis version, you owe it to yourself to play it. Pure, fucking brilliance.

Apropos, when I was talking about the Gameboy Advance version of the SNES-Contra, I thought they had added two new levels. Nope, they were ripped from Hard Corps. Talk about efficient recycling.