Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust (1992-1993)

Villgust is a two-part OVA that follows the common high fantasy template: generic, harmonic medieval nation gets conquered by generic evil guy who wants to summon an even worse evil god. The good goddess Windina has chosen eight warriors who have to stand up to the evil guy. The first part starts with the bad guy fooling the good guys – there are two groups, one with four humans and one with a catgirl, an anthropomorphic dog (Murobo), an elf and a human girl – into fighting each others. They fall for the ruse and in their weakened state the bad guy easily captures them.

The second part sees the good guys working together to kill the bad guy. The style of the OVA swings between humoristic fantasy that doesn’t take itself very seriously and high fantasy with a somewhat more serious tone (the drawings always look cute though). Both styles don’t work well together, especially as the more serious scenes feel completely corny, which isn’t helped by the earlier attempts at humor and the overall lameness of the plot. Still, it’s never quite boring and for the running time it manages to be entertaining.