Mezzo DSA (2004)

Mezzo DSA is the sequel to the Mezzo Forte OVA, only with a slightly smaller budget for the animation. It’s one of those series that makes you wonder whether it was completely designed by committee and not by people who really cared about doing it. I liked the original OVA because it had slick animation and well paced action sequences, not because of the story, which barely managed to be of average quality. Strip the high quality animation away and the rest doesn’t look that good: a series that doesn’t have a clear basic concept (we never really learn what kinds of Jobs the DSA Agency is looking for), no idea what kind of stories it wants to tell (so it tries everything, from ghosts to aliens) and characters who are nothing more than walking cliches. For example Mikura Suzuki, the fighter of the team. We never learn how she got her seemingly superhuman skills, especially at her young age.

Overall it feels more like the creators of the show threw in all the cool elements they could think of, without any thought for how well they would fit together. There are also androids that always turn up when the show has been written into a corner and a neat deus ex machina is needed to solve a problem. Apart from that one bit of futuristic technology the rest of the world looks very much like the present. Makes you wonder whether having perfect androids would have a bigger impact on society.

Still, despite the braindead approach to setting and plot, the show manages to pass the time, so I shouldn’t be too critical. There are far worse (meaning boring) things out there.