Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)

I think one of the biggest reasons for Voyagers failure was that the main concept was never good to begin with. One of the draws about Star Trek and similar series is the promise of exploration, an expansion of the known sphere, a journey into the unknown. Voyager is at its heart an inversion of that. It’s all about going home, going toward what you know. That there’s exploration along the way doesn’t negate that fact. We know where the voyage is going and it’s not an interesting place.

All that said, I did watched it from start to finish when it aired. I’m just a sucker for Star Trek in all its incarnations. But while I enjoyed some episodes, the overall impression that stayed with me was that of a muddled concept that endlessly repeated the same, boring pattern until the disappointing finale rolled in. The best they did toward the middle of the series was to introduce 7of9, mostly because with her appearance the Borg became a big story element, which really gave the series a much needed boost. It still wasn’t as good as TNG or DS9, but at least the Borg were a far more interesting enemy than the Kazon.