Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)

Enterprise, the last Star Trek TV-series, turned out to be one big heap of missed chances and unfulfilled potential. After Voyager had nosedived, there was the need for some rejuvenation. Making a series that took place even further in the past wasn’t the smartest decision to move the franchise forward, but it could have gone well. The first obvious break with the past, the intro sequence, was marvelous done with a fitting song that evoked the spirit of the space race of the 20th century. Imagine a TV-series that tried to tap into the same themes that made the movie The Right Stuff successful, albeit with more advanced technology. This could have been a gold mine.

Sadly the series soon settled into the pattern of the doing the same, tired stuff most of the other Trek series had done before. But even then potential still existed. Especially the concept of a temporal cold war seemed interesting (and I truly wish someone will manage to make something good out of that idea). Sadly, the writers never managed to use it in any interesting way. Still, among the junk there were some good elements, some episodes that were quite excellent. One spark of brilliance was that the show presented the Vulcans in less than idealistic way. Gone were the noble creatures from the earlier incarnations of Star Trek. Some of the best episodes involved both them and the Andorians, with humans in the middle.

The best season was the last and fourth season, were they actually managed to do something interesting with the setting. They showed the first steps toward the foundation of the federation, the first stirrings of the Romulan-Earth war and other good stuff. Too late. The series died with an abominable holosuite-episode. Yet, despite some of the awful stuff, I still miss the show, unlike Voyager.