Shaun the Sheep S1-S2 (2007)

When I started watching this I was put off because the humor seemed totally quaint and far too mild-mannered. This is probably due to shows like South Park and Family Guy, who have totally corrupted my sense of humor. But this impression remains the same, even when you compare Shaun the Sheep to old Warner Brother’s cartoons. Which makes this ideal for small children, but occasionally I feel the need for more bite, or at least some bite at all.

That said, the stop-motion, clay animation done by Aardman Animations looks gorgeous as always. Gorgeous enough to make me forget that I don’t care about the content too much. Clay animation is fare too rare too pass up such an excellent example. I especially liked the interior design of the farmer’s house. It has character of its own. You really get the sense that the farmer has lived there for a long time; it’s the typical apartment of an old geezer who has accumulated stuff for years.

In the end, it’s nice and playful cartoon, which never really manages to amaze you in any way, but which still manages to be enjoyable.