Stargate Universe Pilot (2009)

While I was initially quite a big fan of the new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, I was dismayed by its slow disintegration and descent into stupidity. That said, the one thing it had over this new Stargate series, that tries its best to ape as much of the style of the BG series as it can, is that at least the actors were convincing. And in general, more drama doesn’t automatically equals more depth and more character bits doesn’t automatically mean your characters become more interesting.

I dunno, but here we have a group of people stranded on an ancient spaceship started millions of years ago. This thing has FTL capabilities, so it could have gone beyond the edge of the observable universe (since I have no idea how fast the thing flies, it might or might not be able to do that). This is an incredibly powerful set-up, from a SFnal point of view. But all that is merely the scenery for boring character quarrels, for the same cheap drama that plagues most of the television landscape these days. And worst of all, it’s not even as good as BG or others of its ilk when it comes to the drama aspect. Really, what’s the point.