Static Shock (2000-2004)

This should have been great, having a similar approach as Spider-Man: a teen gets powers and starts the whole superhero gig. It’s an animated version of a character from the Dakotaverse, a superhero universe with a focus on black characters as superheroes. The comics were published by DC (due to a publishing deal between DC and Milestone Media), but initially the comics took part in their own, separate universe, until their company Milestone went under. Presently the Milestone characters have been merged into the DCU. This is just a long-winded way to explain why this was set in the DC animated universe.

Together with the Zeta Project this was the least interesting series of the DCAU. Too much trimmed to get the label kid-friendly. Too much political correctness. Often they even tried to incorporate some lame morals. Not that I have something against convictions, but there’s wide difference between hitting you over the head with something and trying more sophisticated approaches.

And to be honest, the show was often boring. Always the same, lame villains, unchanging character cast and generic plots. Also, for a show about a school kid playing superhero, mundane school interactions were rarely seen, something that’s been used quite effectively in the Spectacular Spider-Man show or the new Iron Man: Armored Adventures show or the various animated X-Men shows. Apart from the black angle, there’s not much the show had going for it. Sadly, the best episodes were crossovers with other DC animated universe series, and even those episodes weren’t that good.