Side Arms Special (1989)


This is the PCEngine CD-version of the hu-card of Side Arms, an extremely difficult shoot’em up. There’s the standard version of the game that was already on the hu-card, this one’s not so difficult. Neat graphics, your typical weapons upgrade system and fun shmup-action. Once you’re killed you only lose a life and start were you were killed. The only drawback is the low number of enemy types and fighting nearly the same boss in every level.

And then there’s the Before Christ version. If you die, you start the level again without any weapons upgrades. If you beat a level, you’re start the next level without any weapons upgrades. Sometimes the enemy sprites and their shots are impossible to avoid. And then there are the bosses. Far more varied than those of the standard version, but extremely difficult to beat. Even with save stats I had problems winning. Still, despite the challenge it’s an addictive and entertaining game.