Mezzo Forte (1998)

A two part OVA that sports some excellent fight choreography, excellent animation and a typical simple action plot. The main character is a girl with inhuman battle reflexes (think Neo from the Matrix) who works together with two guys as a problem solver agency who act mostly on the shady side of things. They happen to come into conflict with real psycho gangsters and all hell breaks lose.

It’s a neat, slick action flick, but I advise against watching the uncensored Japanese version. Normally I really hate censored anything, but it actually improves the OVA. Nothing against sex, but here it’s entirely gratuitous, only to make some hentai fans happy. These scenes don’t blend well with the rest of the story and are both a cheat (first a dream turning rape, the second time it’s robot rape). And it’s a bit sad to see the strongest character on the show transformed into a weak sex puppet. If they wanted to include sex, they should have made it conform the characters they created.