Hiho Densetsu: Chris no Boken (1991)


Another ill-conceived platformer for the PC-Engine. It’s sports a female adventurer of the Indiana Jones type exploring old ruins. It’s all in Japanese, so I have no idea what the details of the story are, but through the animated video sequences between the levels you get a rough idea of what happens.

There are around 16 levels (actually 8 levels with two parts each). With some fine-tuning this could have been a fun game, but as it is it’s nearly unplayable. Even using save stats merely elevates this from insanely frustrating to annoying. Each level has an insane time limit, some badly designed platforming elements and bosses with very simple and boring patterns.

The weapon update system is also a hassle, as only one weapon is quite useful (the wide shot), but it’s sometimes impossible, due to narrow passages, to avoid taking another update which gives you a weaker weapon. And if you wait until the update vanishes you’ll probably fucked up the whole level as the time limit is decreasing mercilessly. Better avoid.