Jim Power in Mutant Planet (1993)


This is the PC-Engine port of a platformer that was published on a variety of platforms in 1992, the most well known version the one for the Amiga. I remember playing it years ago, but never finished it then. It was quite okay, but nothing extraordinary. This port, though, is something else and not in a positive way. The character controls are piss-poor and make what could have been an enjoyable if not very original game into true torture.

The jumping is fucked up, stopping momentum at the most unfortunate moments. Ledges of platforms are generally not trustworthy and you’ll fall often, even if you seemingly have reached solid ground (this is not a bug, merely very bad design). This coupled with instant death on enemy contact makes the game rather frustrating (if you don’t use save stats).

The game itself is five stages long, three platformer stages (1,3 and 5) and two shoot’em up stages. The latter are also quite badly designed, as even the simplest enemies tolerate countless shots until they die and it’s far easier to outmaneuver them, which takes away most of the fun. The boss battles are boring too, as they have only one extremely simple pattern that they repeat until defeated.

The only good thing about the game is the excellent sound track and the colorful art. Overall not really worth the time. I have to try some of the other ports to find out whether those are any better.