Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (2007)

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Considering my less than overwhelming response to the Babylon 5 spinoff Crusade and several of the movies (River of Souls, Call to Arms, Legends of the Rangers) I was quite wary of the Lost Tales. What’s obvious from the moment you start watching is the limited budget of the show, officially the one reason why Straczynski wasn’t interested in doing more of them because it would only hurt the franchise. Since I think it was mostly bad writing and bad actor choices that hurt the later movies and the spinoff, I have to disagree. Yes, the Lost Tales had obviously a very limited budget, but even with that limit, Straczynski recaptured for the first time all the elements that made Babylon 5 work in the first place. I really liked it.

It might also have been that Straczynski merely needed time to recharge his creative batteries concerning the Babylon 5 universe, as most of the stuff he did shortly after the end of the original series sucked to some degree.