Terminator Salvation (2009)

Due to some reviews I had lowered expectations, but still went in, because, after all, it’s Terminator. I was positivity surprised (entertaining, if not deep). Sure, despite it’s postapocalyptic landscape it never matches the first Terminator in bleakness, nor does it manages to match the second one with its perfect mix of action and substance, but in the end it was a well done action movie that moved the whole franchise forward a bit. And after the third one, where the old formula really began to go beyond stale and into rotting territory, it was something the Terminator movies needed.

As for the movie itself, as some reviews said, Connor is a less interesting character than the human-machine hybrid. I wondered whether that last was inspired by someone watching too much of the new Battlestar Galactica, but it’s not an entirely new idea, so it could have been inspired by something else. Also, unlike in BG, they used the concept more convincingly. The movie is pretty much non-stop action with some character moments interspersed. At the end it’s quite clear that they hope to make more movies, but I wonder how well that will end, now that the most interesting character has been killed off.