Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999)

Unlike the later attempt to make a spin-off series (The Legend of the Rangers, 2002), this movie was at least partially successful. Partially, because the spin-off lasted only one season. As I’m presently in the process of seeing it, I can understand why. But this is about ACtA.

At least the story seemed okay. We see Garibaldi and Sheridan again, the Drakh get revisited and there are some interesting developments. But the plotting itself was quite inept. Sherian becomes dream-infused and goes off to collect some unknown people, unable to even explain why. This all reeks too much of directorial intervention than something a well written Sheridan would have done. Sheridan, who fought against overwhelming odds to free our galaxy from the imposed choices of the Vorlons and Shadows, would hardly follow the words of an annoying technomage who spouts some cryptic crap.

Sure, Sheridan followed Lorien, but even then he was his own man and made his own choices. Here he merely follows the script and in doing so feels like a caricature of the character from the original series. The movie is not completely bad, but it hardly made me exited to see the spin-off Crusade. None of the new characters was interesting and even the old ones managed to be less interesting. And the ship design of the Excalibur was pretty boring.