Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers (2002)

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One of the attempts to make a spinoff series of Babylon 5. This tanked rather badly, mostly because it had to compete with a football game. I never cared much for football, but at least this time I have to be thankful for it. The movie is really bad. Reminded me of the Wing Commander movie. Young, cookie-cutter Top Gun bravadoes who have to go through the motions of a generic plot with utterly generic villains. Everything feels cliched and the acting is mediocre. Sure, we can see G’Kar for a few moments, but there are too few of them to save this trainwreck.

Even with all the elements from the Babylon 5 universe, this doesn’t evoke the sense of taking place in the same setting. The evildoers are never mentioned in any of the other movies, which gives this the feeling of having entered an alternate reality. And the whole thing about the Ranger never backing out of a fight seems kinda silly and I can’t remember such an important rule having ever been mentioned in the real series.

But the silliest, ludicrous element of the movie, one that shattered my suspension of disbelief completely was the whole weapons officer in a virtual reality room firing with her arms and legs striking at the enemy ships. This was so utterly awful, utterly moronic that it defies description. But thanks to YouTube everyone can see the horror.