Babylon 5 S5 (1998)

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My memories of my first viewing of the final season of Babylon 5 were pretty hazy, but I remember being quite disappointed by it. So I went into it expecting not very much, but to my surprise I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

It feels like a prolonged epilogue for all the characters from the first seasons, but also is a nice setup for further adventures. Sure, it can’t compete with the manic pace and content of the fourth season, but it has some really good episodes and evokes perfectly a bittersweet atmosphere with all the characters leaving and saying their farewell.

One interesting thing about the season was how Sheridan’s alliance was depicted. Often when a story ends, we get the and they lived happily ever after, which could have worked very well as an epitaph for the fourth season. But as stories never really end, we see realpolitik imposing its thrall on the events in the final season. We know from the last episode of the fourth season that the Alliance will be a thing to last, but it’s start seems quite shaky.

I must also admit that I do wonder why they tried to make a generic spinoff with a conventional ship-in-space-plot instead of trying to go for a series about the first years of the Alliance, which would have been far more interesting.