Babylon 5: The River of Souls (1998)

TRoS deals with the two aspects of the series I found the most annoying, the fact that souls exists and the whole evolving-into-energy-beings stuff. I don’t mind faith or religion in a science fiction setting, but handling imaginary elements as real entities always pisses me of, as long as it isn’t fantasy.

I have a hard time to decide what is more preposterous, the concept of souls or the whole evolving-into-energy-beings stuff. The latter shows a complete lack of understanding of the term evolution and the concept of transcendent entities made of a mysterious kind of energy is also quite inane.

Also the movie could have used some better plotting. Sure, seeing some of the characters again was nice, as it sees Garibaldi coming back to the station for a visit (the movie takes place after the second to last episode of the fifth season), but the whole thing (the movie) feels like an overly stretched episode plot. Unlike Thirdspace, TRoS gives you the feeling as if not very much interesting stuff happens. People talk a bit, some minor stuff happens, a problem appears and gets solved with a bit of talk and no real action. There’s no real tension and it feels pretty lame.

The only reason I can think of why the movie was made was that someone thought making a movie about the Soul Hunters would be a good idea. Well, it really wasn’t.