Reaper S2 (2009)

The second and possible final season of Reaper ends with a cliffhanger that affirms something that I’ve always suspected, that there’s a deeper scheme going on (or the creators wanted to end with a bang). It’s not very satisfying as things go and makes me really want to see more. On the whole the show hasn’t much changed in the second season. Sam’s buddies got more screen time and while I liked them as secondaries in the first season, I must admit I always groaned when they took center stage. Ben is a complete wimp who only develops a little bit of backbone in the last episode and Sock manages to get creepier and creepier with each episode. I know that they’re going for sympathetic asshole with his character, but they only manage the second without the first.

Nonetheless, whenever the show concentrates on Sam and the Devil, things are golden. It feels sometimes like they are stretching the main storyline mightily thin, but it doesn’t matter, because the Devil played by Ray Wise is perfect: smart, vain, manipulative and yet somehow lovable. His son Sam is the perfect counterpart, a good kid who’s trying to live an ordinary live but is pushed by his father to become evil, with sometimes hilarious effects.