Final Fantasy 7 (1997)


The one thing I remember about FF7 is how disappointing the ending was (or to be more precise, the point from which on most of the story threads got finished, like the end of Shinra corporation).

Mind you, I really enjoyed the rest of the game, probably the first 80 percent of it, despite the overly convoluted story and the typical FF-setting that mixes widely different elements from SF and fantasy, sometimes successful and sometimes not. But for all the fun I had, the ending really tainted all that.

It was an annoying deus ex machina ending with Gaia (aka the lifestream) saving the world and it implied a subsequent disapperance of technology from the planet. This might be the wet dream of any spiritual inclined green activist, but to me it looked like they tried to sell something horrible as a happy ending (see the end of Battlestar Galactica).

One could argue that a merely bad ending shouldn’t taint the fun I had with the rest of the game, but since the narrative is such an essential part of the game, it really made me go sour on the whole thing.