Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)


It’s been some time since I last played adventure games exhaustively, and when I say some time I mean years (the whole LucasArts greats, to be precise). I wondered why I stopped and tried one of the two free adventures one can get for Linux. Then I remembered why I stopped. I’m just not really into pixel-hunting for minuscule objects on the screen, nor do I possess the lateral thinking these games often demand.

On the other hand, over the years my attitude to using solutions in games has considerably changed and with those it’s quite fun to play, even if using a solution takes away the gaming aspect of an adventure and the experience becomes more like that of an traditional narrative.

I remember that I already tried Revolution Software’s classic some years back, but since I’m really not into post apocalyptic settings, stopped from the get-go. This time I persevered further and soon the real charm of the game emerged.

Yes, the main plot and the setting is quite generic, but the real reason to play the game is the excellent writing, which shows when Foster is examining objects or talking to others. Particularly funny are the discussion between Foster and his robot servant/friend, who is more of a grumpy helper with a foul mood.

Overall, great game and definitely worthy of the status classic.