Stargate Infinity (2002-2003)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this non-canonical offshoot of the Stargate universe, an animated series aimed at kids that managed only one season before it got canned. It’s not well liked by most Stargate fans, but this hasn’t to mean it’s really bad. Well, in this case, it’s as bad as most people say it is.

The formula of the series feels like someone has mixed The A-Team with the Stargate universe, a team on the run because they were framed, jumping through the Stargates to be one step ahead of pursuing, hostile aliens (those who did the framing). So what’s so bad about it?

The big evil aliens of the series are generic as fuck. Every world that gets visited has an alien culture, despite that the original series established that real aliens are rare as fuck. The aesthetics of the series feel like someone has played Halo too often and swiped visual elements (armor and jeeps) from them, which is completely at odds with the aesthetics of the original series and feels completely misplaced in the Stargate universe. The characters are generic and cliched. All these, as annoying as they are, are only minor complaints.

The real breaking point is that each episode is nothing more than a moralistic tale, to the extent that everything, character development, and plot progression is subordinate to conveying the morale of the week. To add insult to injury, the morals are so simplistic that they make Disney movies look sophisticated in comparison.