Chuck S2 (2008-2009)

The second season of Chuck was as enjoyable as the first, even if the formula of the series began to feel a bit tired at times. I find it interesting how the series manages to cover two completely different worlds – the more or less mundane world of the BuyMore and the action adventures of the spyworld – who only intersect on the character level but not really on the plot level, yet the whole feels still like a cohesive experience.

While the series began to stretching the whole intersect formula, I liked how the second season managed to solve some of the plot points from the first season: what happened to Chuck’s and Ellie’s father, who is Orion and the marriage between Captain Awesome and Ellie. Especially the marriage provides a nice climax for the whole season and even if there would be no third one, the final episode really gave me the feeling that this would be a nice point of departure for everyone.

The ending allows for more Chuck plotwise, but I don’t really feel the need for it, since each of the characters got a nice bit of character development and their own, emotional climax at the end, with most of them outgrowing who they were over the course of the two seasons. And what reeled me in wasn’t the plot but the characters and this feels like a good finale for the whole cast.