Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (1997-1999)

A pretty close (from what I read of the plot of the original comic on Wikipedia) adaption of the Spawn comic that run for three seasons. I more or less liked it, even if Spawn went far too emo on occasions and the ending was very unsatisfying, as the story just stops without a good conclusion. On the other hand, from what I read of the rest of the plot, it seems the whole story got more and more convoluted and ridiculous as it went on, so it’s not so bad they stopped where they did.

It’s a pretty dark series. It’s approach is not very subtle but you don’t get the feeling that the series is trying to show off with all the violence and gore. It’s merely very direct in showing what happens when force gets applied to human flesh. And death and violence happens to everyone in the series, good or bad, involved or merely bystanders. It’s a cold universe, which is only emphasized by the fact that heaven and hell are only different on the surface, underneath they both show the same lack of compassion for the human world.