6teen S1-S3 (2004-2008)

A show that started out depicting the more or less realistic lives of a bunch of teenagers who hang out in the mall all the time. In general they are, as can be expected from people who see the mall as the center of their social life, pretty shallow and superficial people, but the show managed to make them pretty likable. Their shallowness even made them look more realistic, like all the teenagers trying to be so unique, but in effect acting like pod people, always trying to appease some nonsensical fashion and beauty ideal. Even the most rebellious of the group, Nikki, is nothing more than a fake in that regard.

Sadly all good things have to end or they go bad and with the second season half of the episodes started to sport serious WTF moments, jumping the shark more than once. The second season started also sporting a strange fart fetish. That doesn’t mean it was completely unwatchable, since there was still a good amount of episodes that were as good as the best from the first season, but some were quite awful and cringe-inducing. The third seasons followed this trend, but this time the good episodes were quite rare and the awful ones dominated.