Small Favor (2008)

Since I read the Dresden files with intervals of nearly a year between each of them, I often forget many of the small details that make up the Dresdenverse. It’s a testament to the high quality of these books that they always suck me in, even if I don’t know immediately who everyone is. Another thing I like about the Dresden files is how every book comes to a satisfying conclusion, yet manages to have enough open questions for more books. There’s none of the annoyance I get when an author stretches a mystery/plot thread past its breaking point (but I must admit the danger is there). So far, it works.

This time Harry has the chance to pay back Mab one of the favors he owed her. The story involves the Order of the Blackened Denarius, Ivy the Archive and Gentleman Johnnie Marcone (in a minor but important role). It’s as good as the others in the series, which is both good and bad (because I know it’ll be some time before I read the next).