Wolverine and the X-Men S1 (2008-2009)

The X-Men franchise has always been blessed with well done animation conversions. This newest incarnation is no exception. It works the Days of the Future Past storyline together with other, newer elements, like the mutant nation Genosha. Alternating between a post-apocalyptic future where mutant-hunting sentinels roam over desolated landscapes and the present, where Wolverine and the other X-Men try to stop the events that bring about the Sentinel-future.

The big appeal of this storyline, at least to me, comes from its similarities with the Terminator concept: the Machines have won and taken over. Despite it’s bleakness, it’s a very powerful vision, encapsulating the basic fear that our tools will take over and humans (and in this version mutants as well) will be extinguished.