Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007)

I wasn’t going in expecting to like this. While I liked the idea of a Battlestar with an absolutely vicious commander who had given up acting human at all, I was never much interested in seeing their origin story. After all, Admiral Helena Cain was pretty much the anti-thesis of an appealing character, working only as a contrast to the good guys from the Galactica.

But in the end Razor succeeded by filtering the origin story of the survival of the Pegasus through the eyes of a character who is easy to identify with, completely lost in the situation she finds herself in, imprisoned between a rock and hard place like every other member of the crew on the Pegasus.

The movie plays out in two time periods, in the past we see how Kendra becomes as much a monster as her commander, with the present showing her having been consumed by a self-hatred born out of her past actions, trying to numb herself to everything that could make her human again. In the end she’s completely consumed by it. Yeah, well, it’s not a very happy story, but that fits well with the whole series. In the end I liked the movie more than I expected to. And they neatly integrated the cylon designs from the old series, that was cool.