Battlestar Galactica S3 (2006-2007)

Originally I stopped watching after seeing the first few episodes of this third season, but knowing about how it turned all out, I was lured back in. I wonder whether knowing the braindead twist of the ending will spare me most of the disappointment.

I admit that I thought the mini-series was brilliant and the first season quite good. But slowly the second season evaporated all my positive attitude and then it all went to hell. The thing that annoys me the most about BG is that the often praised character work is awful. It follows always the same pattern: something happens that makes everyone going batshit insane, until the issue is resolved with much screaming.

In the end Adama makes his recurring sermon that everyone made mistakes and now is the time to heal and work together. At the end the status quo is always restored, even if the characters did things that wouldn’t let them work ever again together, if this were real. Also the tendency of every character to be a fucking drama queen is extremely annoying. And that the Cylons have anything but a plan and are completely indistinguishable from humans. Essentially they are humans with some tech add-ons, but that’s it.

There was so much potential here, but the insistence to fuck every character up, to use all the SFprobs just as a surface to make a show about the present, not the future, to go overboard in the other direction of what Star Trek did with its inane technobubble by completely avoiding talking about real tech, all that together really makes it hard to like. And then there’s the plotting. I must admit that the reveal of the final episode is, despite the HUGE coincidence that some of the main characters are even more special that we expected before, not as stupid with the foresight about the big reveal of the fourth season ending. But if you don’t know that, it must look like the show has completely lost its marbles.