Silver Surfer (1998)

Surprisingly good animated series about the Silver Surfer. It doesn’t share a continuity with other Marvel series from the 90ties and the portrayal of the Silver Surfer and Galactus strongly differs from that of the same characters that appeared in the Fantastic Four series. While it does share some of the weaknesses of other Marvel series from the 90ties, especially writing that appears weak at times, it manages to have a more, if not really serious (which is hard to manage with so many bright and quite ridiculous elements) then at least a contemplative mood, which was what made the original comic so different from its contemporaries and which works here as well to overshadow the weaker parts.

If there’s something the series manages especially well it’s to make space a beautiful place, something you wish to explore like the Silver Surfer. Despite all the ridiculous elements (for example a dude who flies through space on a surfboard), it conveys a sense of grandeur that elevates the whole series.