Mummies Alive! (1997)

While Mummies Alive! seems like the poster child of a generic kids cartoon – static and cliched characters with no development, simple and generic plots – yet somehow it managed to entertain me. It’s not good enough that I’ll watch it again in the future, but it was good enough to not get bored while watching it. There’s no attempt to integrate stupid morals, the enemy and his second in command were refreshingly smart and likeable in their evilness at times.

Even the antics of the ancient mummies in the modern world seemed to some extend quite believable. They adapt easily to the small aspect of the modern world (watching TV, fast food), while dismissing bigger picture aspects that collide with their world view. Even the central character of the show, the kid that has the soul of a 2000 year old kid the mummies have to guard, isn’t as annoying as most of these characters are. Overall, for a kids show, well written and fun (if you don’t expect too much).