Iron Man (1994-1996)

Another 90ties two season animated show based on a Marvel property. Season one is probably the most generic and bland show of them all. It’s not as offensively silly and in your face awful as the first season of the FF from that time, but it comes close. Unlike other superhero shows it had just one major enemy, the Mandarin, and his henchmen.

Like most kids shows that have one major enemy appearing every episode it became boring really fast. Everything about the show was quite bad, the writing, the plotting, characterization and so on. The whole show also lacked a strong theme. It’s merely a guy in an armor fighting bad guys, but you don’t really get why he’s doing it. It’s missing a strong theme that makes shows like Batman, X-Men and Spider-Man succeed.

The second season retooled the show a bit. Gone are most of Iron Man’s henchman, the Mandarin got his ass kicked in the first episode and the show tried to mature a little. In comparison to the first seasons it’s good, but it’s still not very good. One problem is that Iron Man doesn’t have a good villain gallery and it showed.

It felt like the whole season was one filler episode after another until the Mandarin got his rings back for the big finale (which was actually okay, like the opening episode of the season). They even tried to adapt the Armor Wars storyline from the comics, but that was undone by mediocre writing.