Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2005)

Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars series is heavy on action and very light on everything else. Not that there’s no plot or character development, but it’s told mostly via the action sequences and the animation, as if someone had ripped out all the dialog from a conventional Star Wars movie and left only the battles. Considering the shit heap that the prequel trilogy was, this was a wise decision. The Clone Wars series, unlike the official prequels, manages to evoke the spirit of the original trilogy.

Sadly, while the Clone Wars series itself is quite good, its association to the prequel trilogy makes it somewhat problematic. Imagine reading a ten chapter book, because chapter seven is near perfect, but the rest of the book is bloody awful. You have to trudge through some really awful shit just to read one good chapter and you won’t even get a satisfying ending, because the last three chapters are written by the same hack who wrote the first six. At least, if you managed that, you know that some good came out of that debacle.