Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

Similarly to the Animatrix this movie collects a number of animated shorts that highlight some aspects of the movie franchise its part of (which translates to aspects of Batman’s character and the relationship between Batman and the rest of this special Batuniverse (the one of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)).

Unlike the Animatrix, the animated shorts are not completely independent from each other, but have a slight form of continuity between each other. There’s no bigger story, each short tells its own one, but they all do hang together by some elements that make it seem like they follow each other chronologically.

Overall I liked most of the shorts. Didn’t liked the first two shorts, but the four other that followed were quite good, especially Working Through Pain, which was brilliant. It tells about an injured Batman who wanders through the sewers and remembers how he learned managing pain from a female mystic in India.

Due to the nature of this movie it’s something that can take some time to grow on you, the diverse approach in art styles and the anthology-like structure isn’t for everyone and I must admit I liked it much better on my second viewing than on my first.