BioHunter (1995)

This was unexpectedly good. It’s about two guys trying to handle a plague that transforms people into monsters, with one of them also infected but able to control the transformation. The main plot is about a girl that gets attacked by some shadowy Black Ops guys, but then is saved by one of the main characters.

The story never becomes large scale, nothing about the plague is found out (okay, a little bit, but not much) or any attempts made to stop it, just a low key adventure about saving a girl and her grandfather. Still, what makes Bio Hunter work are well crafted characters and an excellent pacing. It never becomes boring, the action and the story move along with exactly the right tempo, which all leads into a satisfying climax.

The only annoying thing is when the two main characters try to talk the science and it becomes obvious just how much the creators of the movie lack even the most basic understanding of evolution. It would have been better to mention the virus and its nature in very vague terms, not trying to bullshit as much as they did. Still, most people won’t probably even realize how stupid that stuff was.