Maps OVA 2 (1994)

A generic anime that tells of a spaceship that comes to Earth to collect the chosen one to find some undefined treasure somewhere in the universe. Later, the treasure turns out to be something much different than first expected and the whole fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Maps has one unique aspect, the spaceship and others of its ilk look like giant human woman, but the rest is pretty unremarkable. What follows are generic characters (the chosen one is the typical anime youth), weak space opera fare (kingdoms in space, stupid science (a gun powered by the deaths of living beings), humanoid aliens) and a standard and partly illogical plot (evil beings want to destroy all of live to do dominate all of live or something like that, it doesn’t really make much sense).

That said it’s not an unpleasant experience. Because it’s so generic, you’ll know what to expect and can easily switch off your mind. If you can overlook the weak parts, enjoy the excellent animation and don’t try to think too much about it, it’s kinda fun. No depth, but a nice enough surface to waste some time.