Super Bonk 2 (1995)


The second SNES-outing of Bonk seems like a major overhaul. Sure, it’s still (mostly) recognizable as a Bonk game, but many aspects have been completely redesigned. Gone are the size-changing aspects, instead now Bonk can change into many different forms (among them a flying creature and a dwarf).

Likewise the graphics seem much colorful and playful, gone is the earthier look of the predecessors. The levels also aren’t as big as some in Bonk 3 and Super Bonk. The game is a definite break with the style of the earlier games, but I don’t feel like it’s a complete success. It’s a good game, but feels a bit generic, lacking all the elements that make Bonk games what they are.

Here is a patch by Gajin Productions that translates the Japanese original into English.