Sita Sings the Blues (2008)

If your primary concern when watching animated movies is the animation itself, you’ll definitely love this movie. Different styles are used to tell the Rama epos from the viewpoint of his wife Sita and how she was thrown out by her husband, intertwined with the real story of what happened to director Nina Paley when she was abandoned by her husband.

There are the episodes that show Sita singing (the songs that are the reason the movie spent some time in copyright hell), which are bright, cartoony and quite lovely, there are the present day episodes in a fuzzy, blurred style, the told segments that evoke Indian art and are often commented on by some shadow puppets with quite modern viewpoints.

If, on the other hand, the animation is only part of what makes the movie and you like some solid storytelling with characterization and a conventional plot progression, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed. Sita Sings the Blues is not that kind of movie. On the other hand, there are many of those and only one Sita Sings the Blues. It’s a rare experience, an inventive exploration of the Ramayana from a female viewpoint that has beautiful animations and is full of charm.