Golgo 13: Queen Bee (1998)

I’ve heard some good things said about the predecessor, Golgo 13: The Professional, but after seeing this sequel and knowing it’s by the same director, I do have my doubts. Golgo 13, the titular “hero” is an assassin who always goes through with his job after he has accepted his assignment. This time, a presidential candidate has been threatened by a female revolutionary, the Queen Bee. Golgo’s job is to kill her.

The movie is awful. The main character shows as much emotions as a toaster and speaks maybe four or five sentences in the whole movie. The writing is quite painful to bear, which makes it kinda not so bad that Golgo doesn’t talk so much. On the other hand, most of the talking done by other characters, especially by the Queen Bee, is really bad. The story itself wouldn’t be so bad, if the execution wouldn’t make it look so ridiculous.

For example, there’s some backstory to why the Queen Bee wants to kill the presidential candidate and it makes her look not so bad in hindsight. But since the movie can’t do subtle, it goes for heavy-handed and tries to establish her in the beginning as a cold-blooded, murdering fanatic.

Then, around the middle of the movie, it makes a U-turn and tries to paint her as loving, suffering victim. This doesn’t work really well. The real enemies aren’t done subtle as well, they are so over the top that you know where the movie is headed from the beginning. I think handled by someone else this could have been done better, but in this iteration it’s just plain awful.