Don’t Look Back (2009)

Don’t Look Back is a very neat platformer by Terry Cavanagh (aka distractionware), done with only a few colors and very simplistic graphics, yet it manages to squeeze into it’s short running time two bosses and many well done and smartly designed levels.

The game is a big reference to Orpheus and his descent into the underworld and the simple color scheme emphasizes that theme very strongly (mostly tones of red, a bit gray and black). The game even manages to squeeze in a unique gameplay element. Remember the title and the story of Orpheus.

Halfway into the game you meet a shade who starts following you and you have to go all the way back, with one difference. You can only move in one direction, or the shade disappears and you lose (albeit only for a short time, the game is very easy and allows you to restart each screen indefinitely after losing).

This does change how you play, because typical platforming involves carefully moving right and left to evade certain dangers, but when you can only move in one direction, you have to change how you go at it. Overall, very stylish game with an equally good gameplay.