Hulk Vs (2009)

Hulk Vs collects two shorter movies, Hulk vs. Wolverine and Hulk vs. Thor. The titles alone make it clear what this is all about, but even a slugfest between Hulk and Wolverine respective Thor can differ in quality. The animation of both pieces is excellent, so there’s nothing one can complain about in that regard.

Of the two pieces Hulk vs. Wolverine was the less enjoyable one. Wolverine comes over like a complete asshole with his whole tough guy charade. At times his anti-hero-ness is so exaggerated that it completely breaks any kind of suspension of disbelief that you’ll wonder whether the creators wanted to mock fans of Wolverine or whether they were just stupid. Banner is annoying too, being far too wimpy. I prefer the serene and controlled character Banner has become in recent years in the comics.

The plot is lackluster too. Sure, nobody expects a deep or complex plot from a slugfest, but for the evil henchmen to suddenly dethrone their master just to pop Wolverine seems sudden and not very convincing, at least not in the way it’s done here. The only good thing about the whole movie is Deadpool, who’s actually entertaining.

The other movie, Hulk vs. Thor, is much better. It’s still a slugfest with a very simple plot (Loki gets hold of Hulk and takes over his body to defeat Thor and every other Asgardian), but it’s executed well and it’s cool to see the Hulk wreak havoc. Another strength of the movie is Thor himself, who is very hard to do well as a character. Overdo his archaic talk and mannerisms and you’ll make him look ridiculous, let him talk and act like any modern guy and he lose what makes him unique. The movie successfully masters the balance between the two extremes and makes Thor not only convincing but quite likable. Makes me want to see more of him. Overall, this was quite good.