Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon’s Quest (1996)


Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is an excellent, fan-translated platformer for the SNES, even if it’s lacking the subtle quality that makes the difference between outstanding and merely very good. The graphics are well done, very cute (if that’s not your thing, better avoid this one), seven overworlds, each with their own theme and each with around five or six levels.

There’s quite an attention to detail when it comes to the animation, which can be seen for example in the lovely and hilarious cutscenes that advance the plot. All in all it’s very enjoyable and fun to play, even if has no real hooks to sink into your brain and remain there lodged for all time.

Here’s the original translation patch by Gajin Productions, the newest version of that one and the update by RPGone, which is the most complete patch of all three.