Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006)

The most recent animated series of the Fantastic Four sports excellent animation and has probably the best characterization of all animated FF series to date (only Johnny is still annoying as fuck). It’s still doesn’t work for me. Some of the reasons are obvious, again they tried to inject rather weak humor through annoying neighbors, others are more subtle. There are many small, even minuscule ridiculous and preposterous elements spread over the series, that aren’t instantly obvious, but in time will cumulate to the feeling that the writers either didn’t liked the series at all or were just plain stupid. Advanced, yet incredibly stupid aliens, an A.I. that is completely annoying and useless, enemies that don’t really have a reason to act and the habit of the characters to fall out of their role to act stupid for plot related reason.

If the narrative/characterization had been as good as the animation, this could have been excellent, but as it is, it’s just mediocrity under a shiny surface. Shame, really.