Fantastic Four S2 (1995-1996)

The second season of the third animated Fantastic Four series had been completely overhauled after the disastrous first season. Gone is the overly childish humor and the completely inane dialog. This was an attempt to make it more serious. It still doesn’t work, which is kinda sad, because you can see how they tried to improve. The high points are the improvement in the characterization of Doctor Doom and Susan Strom.

The first one actually feels menacing and like a brilliant madman, instead of just some horribly cardboard bad guy. And Susan Storm has gone from being the bland, passive girl that needs saving to the most mature member of the team. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are still annoyingly simple characters, Reed characterization is just average, but Susan comes out as one of the few really well written characters on the show.

But the improvements are very inconsistent. The episode where Galactus appears for the last time has some lines from him, where he declares his hope that at least on Earth he has found some true friends, stated in a manner that will make you cringe. As if there’s an on-off switch, the awful writing comes and goes, as if writers with different skill levels worked on the scripts of each episode. In the end all the good elements are undone by that. While this series manages to be better than all the FF animation that came before, it’s still not good enough.