Fantastic Four S1 (1994)

The first season of the 1994 animated Fantastic Four series was quite disappointing. While the animation is still far from perfect, it is much better in comparison to the animation of the earlier series and I expected this series to do much better overall. I actually remember the X-Men and Spider-Man series from the same time fondly, but this one was just bad.

Partly it’s due to inclusion of attempted humor in the form of an annoying landlady and also because Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are, again, despite being grown men, depicted as eternal manchildren who banter in a way that would be embarrassing to most teens. I can’t completely fault the series for the last one, as it was prevalent in Kirby’s F4 run, which seems to be the one that is mostly referenced in the animated series, a comic run about which I have very mixed feelings. Influential yes, but almost unreadable and generally awful from my personal viewpoint.