III: Odyssey of the Mind (1993)

One of my all-time favorite albums, the third and final stage of the transformation of the German EBM/Industrial band Die Krupps to a full blown industrial metal act, called Odyssey of the Mind. It showed me that there may be other interesting stuff beyond mere metal and since then I tried some stuff from the industrial side of the equation. While I’ve heard and liked most of the other albums by Die Krupps, this one is still the best, the perfect mix of two styles, the aggressiveness from the metal side, the machinelike voices, electronic distortions and repetitive structure from the industrial side.

2 thoughts on “III: Odyssey of the Mind (1993)

  1. Cool, I might hunt this one out.

    I was always a Ministry fan but never really listened to Die Krupps so this sounds like a decent album to try.

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